Monday, July 9, 2007

What I can do to Make Fremont a Better Place

    Fremont is already a great city right now, but I believe that it can still be made better. I think that there are some things which I can do improve Fremont. Among the things which I have thought about to make Fremont a better place are spending all my money in Fremont, doing more volunteer service, and voting in city elections.
    One of the things I can do to help Fremont a lot is by buying only from stores in Fremont. The reason for this is that Fremont gets a portion of the money you spend in the city. In more detail, whenever we buy something at a store in Fremont, we have to pay tax. This tax consists of two parts: Federal (7.75%) and city (1%). The city tax is given to Fremont to spend on the town. In other words, if we buy something for $108.75 (after tax) in a store in Fremont, $1 will go towards Fremont. Shopping only in Fremont will help improve Fremont because the city will be able to use the increased funds to improve things like schools and roads, which are currently in Fremont.
    Out of all the things that I can do to help Fremont, doing volunteer service is probably the best. Among the things which I can do for volunteer service are visiting the elderly, picking up trash around the city, and volunteering in hospitals. Visiting the elderly would make Fremont a better place for elderly citizens because it will give them someone to talk to, which would brighten their lives up a bit. Picking up trash around the city would beautify Fremont and make the other citizens happy about living in a clean city. Volunteering in hospitals would benefit Fremont by increasing the capacity of the hospitals, which would save peoples' lives and also increase the money that Fremont gets through taxes.
    Voting in city elections would help make Fremont a better place because if enough citizen's vote, they will change the way that Fremont spends its money. For example, if you voted in a Fremont election that was choosing what Fremont would spend their money on next year, your vote could change Fremont from spending money on building a casino to spending money to hire more teachers. Voting for candidates of mayor will also benefit Fremont because it will help choose a mayor that the whole city approves of.
    Fremont, like many other successful cities, took input from its citizens and improved from it. However, only telling Fremont board members what to do can't fix everything. In order to help Fremont and be a good citizen at the same time, we must do things to help Fremont on our own. If everyone in Fremont had this approach, it would probably turn into a really good city.

Uploaded 12/25/2012. Originally written on 07/09/2007 when my Martial Arts instructor, Master David Bell, encouraged me to look outside of the box and at my community.

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