Sunday, December 27, 2009

Buying a New Cell Phone

A few weeks ago, I became eligible to enter into a new two-year contract with AT&T. As I could get a discounted rate on a new cell phone by doing so, I started looking for one.

Among the websites I used to look for cell phones, PhoneScoop was the most accurate and useful. At this website, I was able to select which features I wanted in my cell phone and was able to narrow down to a few cell phones.

I learned two things from the time I spent searching for this new cell phone.

1. It is important to make a list of the things you want in your cell phone beforehand
My list included:
-High-quality screen
-No monthly fee
-Price less than $50 after contract
-Memory card slot
-Speaker phone
-Japanese support
You might not get everything you want, but this list really helps.

2. Cell phones can be purchased for much cheaper at third party cell phone vendors
Two good ones are AmazonWireless and Walmart (LetsTalk).

In the end, the cell phone that best fit me was the Nokia 6650. Running on the S60 operating system, the Nokia 6650, allows users to create their own programs for the phone. Furthermore, the Nokia 6650 is one of the only cell phones running on S60 that does not require a data plan (=monthly fee) under AT&T.
Unfortunately, the Nokia 6650 had been discontinued by AT&T, so I could not buy it through them. Thinking carefully, I realized I could purchase it at Ebay for around $70. With this thought in mind, I devised an ingenious plan:
1. Buy a heavily discounted cell phone through a third party cell phone vendor
2. Sell this cell phone on Ebay (around $200)
3. But the Nokia 6650 on Ebay (around $70)
4. Collect my earnings of around $100 (after Ebay seller fees and tax)

I put this plan into action. I purchased a Samsung Solstice from (LetsTalk) for about $20 with my 2 year contract extension and sold it on Ebay for $180. Concurrently, I purchased a relatively high quality Nokia 6650 on Ebay for $65.

In the end, I not only got the phone I wanted, but I also earned about $100!

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