Friday, July 13, 2012

Evil Telco Service - Poster Session

One of the most interesting and rewarding classes I took at Berkeley was CS194, a Mobile class taught by Kurtis Heimerl and Eric Brewer. Unlike most of the undergraduate courses I had taken, this class was structured more like a graduate-level course. We went over many different topics, but our main focus was a semester-long research project.
In fact, I enjoyed this class so much, I decided to do research with Kurtis and Eric in the TIER group.

The project I worked on was one in which my group members (Patrick Tiet, Shirley Wu, and Fadi Haddad) and I set up a 2G cell phone network with the purpose of illustrating just how insecure mobile communications currently are. We dubbed it "Evil Telco Service." At the end of the semester, we presented our work in a poster session with the rest of our classmates.

Our poster
A look from the side

Our table

USRP radio

For reference, I uploaded the poster we used and our original design document.

The poster session took place on Wednesday, May 2nd from 1-4PM on the 5th floor of Soda Hall.
Special thanks to George Chigrichenko for taking these pictures!


  1. Does this mean you now know how to hack into mobile phone internet connections?

    1. Not quite.
      What I am able to do is set up a 2G cell phone network (only voice & SMS). If your phone does connect to my network, I can track all of your phone calls and text messages, but you won't have internet connectivity.

      [Note, what I am describing below is illegal...]
      However, because of the way cell phone networks are designed, it is very easy to:
      1. Jam AT&Ts network signal
      2. Pretend my network is AT&T

      If I do this, your cell phone will automatically connect to my network without your knowledge and then you are in my hands.


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