Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Power of Patience and The Value of The Arts

Patience, discipline, awareness, and knowledge are perhaps all we need for a great life!

Exercising, eating good, sleeping well, etc. may not always feel good instantly, but will yield a longer lasting good feeling. On the other hand "evil" actions like eating junk food, overeating, pulling an all-nighter, etc. may provide instant gratification, but will result in a longer lasting bad feeling.

With patience, even "bad" situations become good because they yield precious lessons that will make the days to come better.

Training in ancient Arts such as Yoga, Chi Kung, and Martial Arts, if done properly and with effort, will result in long-lasting balance between mind, body, and spirit; balance feels good. This practice will be useful for the entirety of our human lives, possibly handed down by us to the next generations in our families and communities.

The time and effort put into training is an investment to bring balance, which makes us better for every aspect of our lives. I don't know of anything that provides a higher return on investment, if I understand patience! In fact, if done precisely and without aggression, training also provides instant gratification ;)

Money, jobs, industries, people, countries, groups, etc. come and go, remain the same and change, but our character, mind, body, and spirit will always be with us. It makes sense to prioritize our investment in those things which are guaranteed to last longer.

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  1. A great reminder to love oneself by investing in things that matters. It's a lifetime endeavor that provides a lifetime of enjoyment.


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