Software Consulting


On the business side, I offer software development, project management, and system engineering services. This is based on my 8 years of experience working in the Silicon Valley and Tokyo.

My life purpose is to live at my highest potential and contribute to society in the best way I can.

My education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley where I ranked in the top 5% in multiple courses.

Technical domain expertise

  • OLAP (multi-node massively parallel database for storing and processing big data) development and design with experience in Greenplum, an open source database fork of PostgreSQL
  • SIEM (security information and event management) and big data security, with experience in ArcSight
  • Docker, Linux, C/C++, open source


  • Ownership of the latest, cutting-edge Silicon Valley software development style: XP, pair programming, TDD, continuous integration/delivery, agile/fail fast
  • Excellent at firefighting, troubleshooting, RCA (root cause analysis), and solution proposal, especially in large corporate environments
  • Very strong organizational and time management skills (project management), with focus on results via prioritization and efficiency
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: extremely creative with many game-changing ideas, proactive, and experienced in designing/building software products from zero
  • Able to quickly make personal and business connections in any country, as well as the ability to bring individuals in an organization together


  • Business-level Japanese language ability and understanding of Japanese customers with 2 years security consulting experience in Tokyo
  • Short-term experience working in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Australia
Job History
If you are interested in my services or have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Past Consulting Projects

Large Japanese Bank

Designed, developed, and set up dashboards/detection rules for a SIEM system to be deployed in the customer's SOC (security operations center). Received outstanding review from customer for resolving about 10 critical issues over a month, working directly with executives.

Small Hong Kong Bank

Reference from customer:
Very very strong problem-solving skill and time management skill to resolve technical issues related to SIEM in my previous company. The issues had been dragged for over a year and he could resolve it in less than 10 days. In addition, he is a very nice and humble and willing to share his knowledge to anyone. Very impressive.

SchoolCity, Inc.

Over the course of three years, I worked as a consultant with the team at SchoolCity, a software company targeted at K-12 schools. For my project, I developed from scratch a new type of backend OMR engine (for automated grading of bubble marked sheets), which involved leveraging the TWAIN API to talk with scanners and designing several innovative pixel-level graphics algorithms. The product was deployed to many customers (school teachers), first being released for scanner-based scoring and later being released for webcam-based scoring.