Zen Programming


With the growth of technology, people across the world are becoming further and further away from the fundamentals of life, disconnected and "living in the computer".
On the opposite spectrum, Zen, a way of thinking and living studied over thousands of years, focuses on bringing human beings back to the core, fully present in every moment, through simple acts such as sitting meditation (Zazen).

When it comes to life, technology and meditation are perhaps opposite forces. However, what if we could mix the two? ... that is exactly what I intend to do in Eiheiji town of Fukui, Japan!

The Silicon Valley, my hometown, is the richest and most technologically advanced region in the United States of America.
On the other hand, Eiheiji town, the home of Soto Zen, is one of the most philosophically advanced and happiest regions in Japan and the world.


For this venture, I have the full support of Eiheiji town, where I have been officially appointed as the Evolution Ambassador (Eiheiji.AmilKhanzada.com) and will be working out of the Eiheiji Town Four Seasons Cultural Center (永平寺町役場 永平寺緑の村四季の森文化館). The first floor is an office space and the second floor has a replica of the Sanshokaku room in the Eiheiji temple!

Zen Programming Workshops

For the year of 2018, I intend to run several hands-on educational workshops exposing visitors to the fundamentals of Soto Zen and Silicon Valley software development.

Sample Three-Hour Workshop Schedule (subject to change)

14:00: Introduction
14:10: Explanation of how to do Zazen meditation (座禅)
14:20: Zazen
14:30: Programming workshop with frequent bell ringing and moments of silence
17:00: Finish
18:00: Dinner (optional)

Sample Weeknight Workshop Schedule (subject to change)

18:30: Explanation of how to do Zazen meditation (座禅)
18:40: Zazen
18:50: Zen dinner with vegetarian food
19:30: Programming workshop with frequent bell ringing and moments of silence
21:20: Share opinions
21:30: Finish

Past Workshops/Classes

Upcoming Workshops/Classes

2018/9/22: Zen Programming Workshop with IchigoJam (Japanese only)

Please contact me at the below email address and I would be happy to set up a workshop for your group!

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